Bill’s Story

Picture Jesus with Us came about after Jesus had saved my life both physically and spiritually, in a life changing event that was nothing less than a miracle. Jesus took me back in a very powerful and personal way after living apart from Him as my own god for 40 years. That was almost 10 years ago now and during that time he took me by the hand and gave me the courage to do things I would have never thought to do before. I discovered a true revelation that Jesus was literally with me; to the point that I pictured Him in my mind, in snapshots, of the Christian journey He was taking me on. I longed to make those snapshots a tangible reality, just as real as the reality of His leading me. It is the reality of that vision in my mind that needed to come out and be expressed thru Picture Jesus with Us.

Please, make no doubt, that Jesus is as real as both you and I. I know still that I am being led by Jesus daily and that this ministry project is a result of His leading. I trust also that this ministry project is meant to further the kingdom of God here and now. The great commission tugs at my heart, yet I have been somewhat of a closet Christian up until now. I want to see all my family and friends and co-workers experience the ever-present Jesus Christ. Picture Jesus with Us has already helped me to be bolder in my witness, sharing my testimony and the Gospel.

I believe that I am not alone, in needing help with sharing our faith in Jesus, sharing our Christian journeys or sharing a special time when we felt Jesus with us. My desire is that customers and users of Picture Jesus with Us will be empowered and not afraid to speak about Jesus in a very personal, current, and relevant way, everyday.

Bill Smith
Founder, Picture Jesus With Us

Development Plan

Market Research & Development

Phase 1 of Picture Jesus with Us is being presented as a marketing platform to solicit feedback and gather information from potential customers and users. This feedback and information will help guide the development of PJWU to offer meaningful products and services to its customers and users. Launched at Collyde Summit 2016, PJWU will continue to gather information and feedback from Christian church organizations, camps, conference centers, educational organizations and charities. Seeking financial support for the continued development of this ministry project into Phase 2 and Phase 3 is another goal of PJWU Phase 1.

Initial Product Offerings

Phase 2 of PJWU will offer a library of high resolution contemporary photographs and classic/historic artwork with Jesus’ presence. The library will depict the praises and trials of our lives and how we see Jesus active with us during these times, including:

Images of the joyful and thankful times of our lives; like family gatherings at weddings, baptisms, reunions, graduations, along with serving others, successes, and milestones. All the blessings in our lives and Jesus being with us.

Images of the troubling times of our lives; like war and poverty, widows and orphans, hungry and homeless, anxiety, depression, sickness, and death. All that we see and feel in our fallen world and all the trials of our lives and Jesus being with us.

Images of the wonders of nature, creation, and the marvels of science for which there is no recourse but to acknowledge God’s eternal power and divine nature.

Customers will be able to personalize these images by placing title descriptions and Bible verses on them that are appropriate to share their emotions on a wide variety of themes. A corresponding app will be developed for use on mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, Tablets, and other Smart Phones. Print media will be available in a variety of sizes and print formats for display in your home or workplace, or to give as gifts.

Enhanced Product Offerings

Phase 3 of PJWU will build upon Phase 2 and offer its customers and users the ability to use their own photographs and creativity to add and position Jesus appropriately to fit their vision of Picture Jesus with Us. It is our hope that PJWU will enable many to be more courageous in their Christianity and daily walk with Jesus.

It is our goal that PJWU gives everyone the ability to more easily and openly share their own personal Christian journey stories about Jesus in their lives with others.

We hope you will be armed with the ability to share your Christianity in a personal, powerful, and contemporary way; and that the kingdom of God is served and furthered here and now.


Picture Jesus with Us will provide you with all the tools needed to easily place and position Jesus and Scriptures onto photographs to visually express the reality of Jesus presence in your life. The following before and after photos, are examples of what you will be able to accomplish with Picture Jesus with Us. Combining Scripture, Jesus, and contemporary imagery, these photos now express the reality and power of Jesus’ presence in our today’s world current life experiences.



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Your thoughts and comments about Picture Jesus with Us are welcome and appreciated.  We take all suggestions to heart considering ways to build this ministry project and sharing the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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