I am So Happy to announce that we’ve added a New Blog section to our Website.  We’ll be sharing a lot of information here about what’s going on with our App Development, New Releases, and Upcoming Events.  Here are the three (3) Blog Post Categories we’ll be using with a brief description of what you’ll find.


Here you’ll find helpful hints about using the Picture Jesus with Us App that can help enhance your creativity when putting together you PJWU picture. There are several areas of the PJWU App that I’ve found some creative ways to use that helped improve the final PJWU picture.  The first two (2) PJWU App Tips & Tricks are Bible Verse Text Editing (and) Use Background Photos.  You’ll find these two (2) posted already and next up will be Bible Verse Text – Sizing & Positioning.  I really hope you find these posts helpful.


Here you’ll find the latest greatest news about what’s going on with Picture Jesus with Us.  The New Blog and New Jesus Image Album were just released in July and August 2020. Typically I sponsor several Christian events throughout the year where I have met such wonderful Christians with a Heart for the lost, like me.   I miss that and meeting with my Church family in person.


Here you’ll find some of the specific things that inspired me to create some of our PJWU pictures. Christian Music and Daily Devotional readings give me a lot of inspiration for creating and sharing my PJWU pictures.  Believe it or not though, most often it’s just a word.  I love looking up words in the Bible and reading through the verses that have that word in them.