Here’s another not so apparent feature when using the PJWU App.  You can position and size the Bible verse pretty much anywhere on your photo.  This doesn’t take any real effort at all and can really enhance the look of your PJWU picture, it’s kind of fun too.  On this posts feature PJWU Picture; I sized and positioned the Bible Verse vertically in the middle of the picture.

After adding a Bible verse to your photo use the “Handles” on either the right side or left side of the Bible verse text box to make the text box smaller.  Then you can touch and hold the text box to move it anywhere you would like on you photo.

Don’t forget to use the “Font Size Slider Button” – It will automatically size the Bible verse text box larger or smaller (vertically) base on size of the text box that you set using the “handles”.

Pretty slick how that works; I don’t know how it works, just the magic of those programmer types I guess.  Thank God for them, I think programming is an art that involves imagination and creativity.  (Sorry, I’m getting off track)

Also, don’t forget to use the other text editing feature buttons, “Color”, “Alignment”, and the “Text Block Color & Opacity”


I wanted to share another Tip about editing the Bible Verse.  You can also ‘Shape’ the text around things in your picture.  I’ll be honest, it takes a little work and sometimes I’ve had to start over (but) ultimately I’m always happy with the results.  (I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, one of those character defects of mine that needs some work.)

After you’ve added a Bible Verse to your photo, “Double Tap” on it to bring up your phone’s typewriter.  Now you can “Hit the Return Key” after certain words to begin to ‘shape’ the text.  In the example above you’ll see I shaped the Bible Verse around the hand in the picture.  The trick is to bounce back and forth between the ‘Edit Screen’ and the ‘Done Screen’ to find the next word in the Verse to put the Return after.  For sure it takes some time but in the end your final PJWU Picture will look striking and for sure grab some attention.

Give it a try and I let me know your experience – I do hope this helps with creating meaningful PJWU Pictures that you can use and share your faith and the Gospel with others.