We just added twelve (12) more images to our Bible & Crosses Album.   Our Bible & Crosses Album now has a total of (32) images’ to choose from to include in your Picture Jesus with Us pictures.  These images offer a different perspective on Bibles and Crosses as they are illustrations rather than photos.  There are also some illustrations with a Dove representing the Holy Spirit.  We hope this mix of photos and illustrations offers you a better selection to match with your background photo and desired results when creating new PJWU pictures to Share your Faith and the Gospel with.

Here’s another example of one of the new illustrations of a Dove and a Cross and Book Pages.  It’s a little small in this particular PJWU picture (but) I’m anxious to use it again in a more front and center display.  Take a look at all the New Bible & Crosses Images in our App, all (32) images are only .99 cents and don’t forget to Share your Faith and the Gospel using our Picture Jesus with Us APP (and) New Merchandise.