This feature is not so apparent when using the PJWU App but I use it all the time.  It is how I created the featured PJWU Picture for this post.  After you’ve selected a Bible Verse (and/or) Jesus Image that you want to use for your PJWU Picture;

On the Edit Screen, “Double Tap” on the Bible Verse and your phones type-writer will pop-up under the Verse, ready for you to use.





Your entire type-writers keyboard features will work in the Bible Verse Text Box.  Backspace, Return Key, Cut/Copy, Paste, etc. I like to explore words in the Bible and in different versions of the Bible.  I use this feature a lot to copy a particular verse from a different version of the Bible from (Blue Letter Bible or other Bible Apps) and paste it in the Bible Verse Text Box.

I also use this feature to delete a sentence or two from a long Bible verse (some of those Old Testament Verses can be really long) to just keep the single sentence I want as the focus in my PJWU Picture.




This feature is also great to add a personal note, perhaps under the Bible Verse to help share your story or feelings with others.  For that matter, you can remove the Bible Verse and type a meaningful message about your picture to share.

You can also position the Bible Verse Text within the text box with returns.  In the featured picture and the example screen shots, I put several blank lines between the Bible Verse and my Thank You Note in order to have the Forget me Not flowers between them.

Give it a try and I truly hope you find this helpful with creating your PJWU picture and sharing your faith and the gospel with others.