On the PJWU App Selection Screen – By default the Bible verse you select is placed on your background photo with a ‘gray’ text block behind it (and) the image you select is place on your background photo at full opacity.  Once you made your selections and move on to the Edit Screen(s) you can ‘fade’ both the text block (and) the Jesus image with the ‘Opacity Slider Button’.  The Trick is that you have to tap the one you want to apply the opacity to first.  This tells the App which of them is ‘in-focus’ to apply the opacity to.  It may seem a little tricky but after a couple tries it’s easy to remember.

In this example I’ve completely faded out the text block color by moving the slider all the way to the left (and) faded the Jesus Image quite a bit to blend in with the misty sky.  Don’t forget that you can also change the color of the text block on the opacity edit screen.  Depending on your background photo a different color may make for a much nicer effect.

I do hope this helps with creating meaningful PJWU Pictures that you can use and share your faith and the Gospel with others.  Give it a try and I let me know your experience (and) check out all of our “Tips & Tricks” for Helpful Hints to make your Picture Jesus with Us Pictures.