Tips & Tricks – Opacity for “Both” Jesus Image & Text Block

On the PJWU App Selection Screen - By default the Bible verse you select is placed on your background photo with a ‘gray’ text block behind it (and) the image you select is place on your background photo at full opacity.  Once you made your selections and move on to the Edit Screen(s) you can ‘fade’ both the text block (and) the Jesus image with the ‘Opacity Slider Button’.  The Trick is that you have [...]

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Tips & Tricks – Bible Verse Text Editing

This feature is not so apparent when using the PJWU App but I use it all the time.  It is how I created the featured PJWU Picture for this post.  After you’ve selected a Bible Verse (and/or) Jesus Image that you want to use for your PJWU Picture; On the Edit Screen, “Double Tap” on the Bible Verse and your phones type-writer will pop-up under the Verse, ready for you to use.       [...]

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Inspiration – Bible “Gift” and “Hope” in 2021

I love searching for words in the Bible and online Bible Apps are great at doing this.  It’s a blessing to look up a word and find how many times and how it is used in the Bible.  More often than not, I start to see common threads of the word, sometimes in a negative connotation and sometimes positive.  It’s also a blessing to see how the word I’m researching sometimes shows up differently [...]

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Tips & Tricks – Use your Photo Editor First

Another idea to help make your Picture Jesus with Us picture more meaningful when Sharing your Faith and the Gospel with others, is to use you phones photo editor to prepare your picture.   Your phones photo editor has a bunch of features that you can use to enhance your photos.  You can re-size your photo, add effect filters, and add stickers, frames, or make a photo collage.   That’s what I did for this feature photo. [...]

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Announcement – New Images – Bible and Crosses Album

We just added twelve (12) more images to our Bible & Crosses Album.   Our Bible & Crosses Album now has a total of (32) images’ to choose from to include in your Picture Jesus with Us pictures.  These images offer a different perspective on Bibles and Crosses as they are illustrations rather than photos.  There are also some illustrations with a Dove representing the Holy Spirit.  We hope this mix of photos and illustrations offers [...]

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