Announcement – New Images – Bible and Crosses Album

We just added twelve (12) more images to our Bible & Crosses Album.   Our Bible & Crosses Album now has a total of (32) images’ to choose from to include in your Picture Jesus with Us pictures.  These images offer a different perspective on Bibles and Crosses as they are illustrations rather than photos.  There are also some illustrations with a Dove representing the Holy Spirit.  We hope this mix of photos and illustrations offers [...]

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Announcements – New Blog

I am So Happy to announce that we’ve added a New Blog section to our Website.  We’ll be sharing a lot of information here about what’s going on with our App Development, New Releases, and Upcoming Events.  Here are the three (3) Blog Post Categories we’ll be using with a brief description of what you’ll find. PJWU APP TIPS & TRICKS: Here you’ll find helpful hints about using the Picture Jesus with Us App that [...]

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Announcements – New Image Album – More Jesus

We recently added another image album called “More Jesus” that includes only images of Jesus.  All these images are sketches of Jesus Face and Jesus Praying.  There are also four (4) single line drawings of Jesus that are just so wonderful.  The artist that made these drawings did not lift up his pencil at all while drawing them.   These images and several others in this album have two (2) versions if you will.  One [...]

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