Give a Gift of Hope and the Gospel with Picture Jesus with Us

Romans 6:23 – but the Free Gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord


Your financial help and support will be directed to building our On-Line Gift Fulfillment Center. Sharing your Hope, Faith, and the Gospel with your Friends, Family, and Co-Workers that need-to-know Jesus is the greatest work we can do for His Kingdom right here and now.

Imagine someone you know that has been struggling with loss, a broken relationship, or an addiction, became willing to start building a relationship with Jesus, how much better off they would be.

We are a ministry on a mission to share the Love of Jesus (&) the Word of God.

  1. Do you believe that Jesus makes a difference in your life? (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness & Self-Control)
  2. Are those feelings you wish everyone had and could demonstration?
  3. Did you ever feel like you’ve missed an opportunity to witness?
  4. Do you wish it was easier to share your hope, faith, and the gospel?
  5. Do you have friends, family members, coworkers that don’t know Jesus?

If you answered ‘yes’, to any of these questions, the PJWU Ministry wants to help you. Sending those around you, that need encouragement, a Picture Jesus with Us Picture/Gift that You Created – Just for Them, for Just the Right Circumstance, and at Just the Right Time, may be Just What is Needed!!!

Let your PJWU Picture/Gift do the talking, lift their spirits, encourage, and give them hope. They may in-turn simply ask you to share more with them about the hope and faith that you have… It has happened for me and I was blessed by those conversations.

Your donation will help us build our ministry so more people can share their hope, faith, and the Gospel with all those around them that need-to-know Jesus.

All donations in the amount of $25 or more will receive a special “thank you” gift. Please note that due to high demand, the estimated shipping time is 3-4 weeks.